Fireworks Fly At Vice Presidential Debate

If you’ve ever wanted to see a nitty gritty debate then you’re definitely in for a treat.

On stage Thursday night (10/11) in Kentucky, Vice President Joe Biden and  Congressman Paul Ryan came ready to rumble. They single handedly turned the lone Vice Presidential Debate into one for the history books, scrapping over everything from the economy to taxes to abortion.  (& I must add that Martha Raddatz did an AMAZING job as the moderator.)

Both vice presidential contenders aggressively challenged each other and came armed with a stack of talking points. The candidates interrupted each other and quite frequently talked over each other. Biden, however, stole the night as he chuckled through many of Ryan’s responses.

The 90-minute session, which took on outsized importance, was a turnaround from last week’s opening presidential debate where President Obama was panned for his lackluster performance.

The pressure was on Biden to recapture the momentum – while equally on Ryan to prevent the Obama ticket from taking back Romney’s gain.

YouTube Preview Image


There are two final presidential debates, on Oct. 16 and Oct. 22. The next one will be a town hall format focusing on a range of issues, and the last one will focus exclusively on foreign policy.

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